Yuki (paranoid_kid) wrote in ana_overweight,

hi everyone

I joined here today, because today I became to my breaking point.

I've always struggled with my weight. Because I have always been a short person (160cm) I cant weight so much. On years 2004-2007 I managed to maintain pretty thin body, I was 160cm and 48-53 kg. But during these past two years, I've gained weight a lot. Now I'm 71 kg. In winter I was 75 kg, and then I started a diet. I had lots of problems to keep my diet going, so I couldnt lose weight because I sometimes did some over eating.

I've always eated too little or TOO MUCH.

Well, today I was pretty proud of myself, because I thought I'm beginnig to look good, though I'm still fatty. But my dad and stepmother crushed me. They called me fat and they said I look like my sister. She is very overweight. I think I'm still not like THAT. But still they are saying things like that.. I almost cried..

Now I dont know what to do. I was so proud that I started diet again one week ago, and I thought I'm beginning to look better little by little. But now I lost all my self confidence and I dont know do I believe in my diet anymore.

I wish I could completely stop eating. Eternally.

I thank you, if you bothered to read this...

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